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Dr. Greg Maag


Audiologists are the professionals who have the primary responsibility for:

assessing hearing capability
identifying the presence and characteristics of hearing loss
administering diagnostic tests to determine the origins and causes of hearing loss
developing educational programs to help prevent hearing loss and reduce its impact on individuals and society
developing and providing rehabilitation treatment programs for persons who have a hearing loss
selecting and fitting amplification systems for persons with hearing loss. Such systems include hearing aids, cochlear implants, FM systems, and other assistive listening devices

Audiologists are involved in research, education and the provision of clinical service in a range of settings. Graduates of our program work in hospital-based clinics, schools, private practice clinics, industry and universities.

Dr. Maag is a clinical audiologist that conducts clinics every other week in the specialty services area. Dr. Maag is also a licensed hearing aid dispenser. Appointments can be made by calling his base office at 618-462-7900.

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400 N. Caldwell Street    Staunton IL 62088    Phone: 618-635-2200