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Dr. Robert Childers



Medical School
St. Louis School of Medicine
St. Louis, MO

St. Louis University Hospital

Board Certified

Urology is a medical specialty dealing with health problems in a broad area around the urinary system. This comprises a rather well-defined area of the human body, although there is some overlap between different medical specialties. Urologists concern themselves with:

Disorders of the urinary outlet of the kidney, such as obstructions of the ureter or stones, but also benign or malignant tumors and inborn diseases.

The kidneys themselves, concerning their function as a 'waste disposal unit', and the adrenals 'belong' to internal medicine or nephrology. The general surgeon performs operations concerning the adrenals. Kidney transplants are often performed by specialized surgical teams.

Disorders of the urinary bladder, like stones, tumors and inborn disorders. Incontinence in women is also part of urology, although some gynecologists deal with this kind of problems too.

Disorders of the urethra and prostate, like tumors, obstructions and infections.

Disorders of the penis, like impotence, tumors and inborn disorders.

Disorders of the testicle and connected structures, like infections and tumors, but also sterilizations. Male infertility also belongs to the domain of the urologist, although some clinics harbor specialists concerned with both male and female infertility.

Dr. Robert Childers, Board Certified Urologist, is available every 4th Friday of every month. Please call for a list of available procedures. Appointments for the Urology Clinic can be made by calling the front desk at 618-635-2200.

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